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Our Brand Story 

Welcome to Thunder Tea Rice

The brand name “Thunder Tea Rice” was inspired by the origin name of the dish Hakka Lei Cha Fan 擂茶饭. “Thunder” was named solely due to when both our founder 鈺源(Yù yuán),  had their very first taste experienced with the Tea, also now known as Thunder Tea. They both had a shocked in their mouth, which they interpreted to be like a lightning shock thus, the ‘雷’(“thunder”) which was extracted from the word ‘擂’ (“grind”). That was when Thunder Tea Rice Pte. Ltd. was formed since year 2002. And decided to name their signature dish, Hakka Lei Cha Fan 擂茶饭 as “Thunder Tea Rice”.

The journey began with both owners receiving numerous anonymous calls criticising them if they understood Chinese characters, as the ‘擂’ meant ‘Grind’ and not ‘Thunder’. They're attempting to establish a brand. From not knowing what Hakka Lei Cha Fan ("Thunder Tea Rice") is to introducing and teaching all customers how to enjoy it.

Now, Hakka Lei Cha Fan 擂茶饭 is known as "Thunder Tea Rice" in Singapore.

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