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A little background story..

About Us

The brand name “Thunder Tea Rice” was inspired by the origin name of the dish Hakka Lei Cha Fan 擂茶饭. “Thunder” was named solely due to when both our founder 鈺源(Yù yuán),  had their very first taste experienced with the Tea, also now known as Thunder Tea. They both had a shocked in their mouth, which they interpreted to be like a lightning shock thus, the ‘雷’(“thunder”) which was extracted from the word ‘擂’ (“grind”). That was when Thunder Tea Rice Pte. Ltd. was formed 19 years ago. And decided to name their signature dish, Hakka Lei Cha Fan 擂茶饭 as “Thunder Tea Rice”.

The journey was tough at the beginning when both owners received numerous anonymous calls criticizing them if they understood Chinese characters, as the ‘擂’ meant ‘Grind’ and not ‘Thunder’. It’s a branding that they’re trying to create. From a nobody in Singapore knowing what’s Hakka Lei Cha Fan (“Thunder Tea Rice”) to introducing and teaching all customers how to enjoy this dish. 

Now, Hakka Lei Cha Fan 擂茶饭 is known as "Thunder Tea Rice" in Singapore. 

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More About Thunder Tea Rice

Thunder Tea Rice is all about herbs, vegetables, and tofu. It is low fat, low cholesterol diet ideal for body detoxification and weight management. Many types of herbs are used in the making of Thunder Tea Rice thus, it has high therapeutic and curative value. It is especially effective against cold, flu, cough, and some common sickness. Thunder Tea Rice is also effective in treating joint pains and in removing stomach gas and wind. Frequent consumption of Thunder Tea Rice promotes good health and improves vitality.

Thunder Tea Rice - The Gastronomic Delight that has won wars in ancient times, can now keep you fit and healthy today.

Thunder Tea Rice is a signature dish for Hakka families. Thunder Tea Rice is now a popular dish among many ethnic groups especially the health-conscious urbanites, as frequent consumption of Thunder Tea Rice promotes good health and improves vitality.

Dietary Value: It is high n fiber and rich in nutrients. It is tasty and appetizing healthy food. It has a strong aromatic flavor and it tantalizes the tastes buds. Thunder Tea Rice is low fat and low cholesterol diet. It is most effective for health and weight management.

Physical Value: Thunder Tea Rice increases the metabolism rate and in body detoxification, as it helps to drain excess body fluid waste, as such it enhances slimming and weight management programs. The tedious way of preparing the Thunder Tea Rice dish also contributes as a physical work out especially during the hour-long grinding to make the Thunder Tea Rice paste.

Pharmacological Value: Thunder Tea Rice is well known for its excellent medical and pharmacological value. It helps to improve bodily functions, ease digestion, and ease chronic bronchitis. It is effective for chronic rheumatism and arthritis, inhibiting cancer cell growth, helps treat diabetes, and lower cholesterol levels. It enhances relaxation and promotes good sleep as well as improving skin texture.

(Hakka Lei Cha Fan 擂茶饭)

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